Success Stories

Dinesh Kumar is a past student of Anblalaya & WVC. Now he is a bread winner of the family and supporting his brother’s education.

Dinesh Babu Son of Kanagasabai he is admitted in our Special School in the year 2000 at the age of 11 years. He has learning problem and speech deficit with hyper activity. After review assessment he was placed in the primary Level for acdamics. He is able to follow regular curriculam. So he is trained for 2nd standard syllabus. He is very good in sports.  He was shifted to regular steam for 3rd to 5th standard. He successfully completed his primary education and referred to Government Higher Secondary school for 6th standard. But he was refused to give admission for 6th standard. so anbalaya again admitted to give him for middle school education. He wrote NIOS examination for 8th standard. He passed successfully.  On seeing his skill work, he was placed in pre vocational. In the Wheel Vocational Unit he can do cutting, pasting, ordering and arranging, painting, knitting. He was placed in on the job training at a Leth workshop was he learned about machineries. Now he got job well versed company in Thiruvottiyur. He earns about Rs. 5000/- per month he is the bread winner of the family.


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