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Parent Meet 

The meeting started with good wishes by Programme Coordinator, Ms Rebakka. Then Special Educator, Mrs. Bencitta shared about the centre programe from Observation, Assessment, Physiotherapy, O.T, Speech therapy, Special Education, Afternoon activities & Classes etc., classes, Vocational Unit & other community based activities are…

1.       1. Early Intervention (Earlier Level-I), 2. Inter medium (Earlier Level –II), 

3.   3. Primary, 4. Secondary, 5.  Pre-Vocational, 6. Vocational Unit

Special Educator, Mrs Tamilarasi shared about Co-Curricular activities @ the centre:

1. Computer, 2. Drawing (Art therapy), 3. Creative movement therapy, 4. Sports (Basket ball, Badminton, Table tennis, Bocce & Athletics) 5.  Culturals (Sports meet, Annual Day, Children’s day, Christmas, etc.,) 6.  Sports – (Individual & team) – Afternoon 3.30 pm, Morning 6.00 to 8.00 am. Then, she declares the incharges aslo:

Sports                         – Ms Pramila & Mr.Murugan

Computer class           – Mr. Murugan

CMT                            – Mrs Bencitta

Art & Craft                  – Mrs.Tamilarasi

Computer                    – Mrs. Siji

Pre vocational & secondary will come weekly twice for the computer classes.

 Sports Manager, Ms. Pramila shared about successful events & trainees in the year 2017-2018.


1. Ramya & Tamilarasi from Anbalaya and Anbalaya Rural selected for SOWSG' 2019  

2. Yashwanth & Hemalatha passed in State Board Exam 

3. ARSS – Dormitory building extension

4. Purchased new Van for the centre purpose

5.Placed in Job Market through AIF – Begum, Asif, Naveen, Anushiya & Gokul

Physiotherapist Mrs.Rajammal shared about the importance of therapy. Praying hand story, Consequence of therapy, Parents co-operation & Home program. 

Vocational Instructor, Mrs. Vijayalakshmi shared about the process of Wheel Vocational Unit, Products, Sales, House hold items & Jewellery making. Then she explained about the training – Housekeeping, Office assistant & Skill training.  

Accountant, Mr. Jagadeesan shared about ‘rules and regulations’ to Parents & students.


Finally our Secretary gave some important common information and explained about Parent training course for one month. Also he collected the feedback about the meeting. Overall the meeting was well encouraged to the parents and their children.

SUMMER ACTIVITY CAMP 23.4.2018 TO 28.4.2018

This camps organised from 21.4.2018 to 30.4.208 for adolescents persons with Intellectually challenged .  7 trainees attended this camp from 21.4.2018 to 30.4.2018. They had practice every day from 6.00 am to 7.30am . They are given sports skill in running, zig zag, running , running long jump & in basket ball game. The trainees enjoyed well and they are guided to follow it up regularly.

This is organised in two age groups of below 12 years and above 13 yrs.There are about 20 children took part in the camp. The skills enhanced  for smaller group is attention ,creativity, communication , craft work and activity based training. The higher age group is given more of technical skills on vocational, cooking, craft work, creativity, folk art   and Yoga. The trainees attended with interest and learn many skills. They created different craft materials form the camp. They shared that this camp helped them to learn many activities which they will follow in the summer vacation. 

ARSS –Inauguration of dormitory building

ARSS- inauguration of dormitory building is celebrated  on 26 April 2018.  We had a pleasant and blessed opening ceremony of our dormitory at our Anbalaya Rural centre,at Melnallathur.  We have invited Chief Guest Mr. Senthil Kumar, Marketing  Manager, Cater Pillar,  other staff of Cater pillar Mr. Nallasivam, Mr. Thangaraj,& Mrs. Kunthavai ,Mr. Kanthasamy, Head Master, Govt. School and De Sagy  Thiruvottiur.

 Each one shared about their journey with ARSS and appreciated the efforts of Mr Prabhakaran and Mr Panjabi, the special educator.Everyone felt happy about that Anbalaya has improved facility for inmates in the residential centre.


Autism day celebrated on 5th April at DEC Anbalaya special school. The programme was about providing opportunities for the children to explore in different experiences. They are given actives to enjoy and learn in  CMT (Creative movement therapy),Sensory activity – Bubbles, balls & standing on sensory stand, Attention games,7 Stone and Video clipping – Encouraging videos with different sounds. The children took part actively and enjoyably.


The 1st selection and training camp for special olympic 2019was held in hariyana from 23.03.2018 to 28.03.2018. Our student ramya and tamilarasi who jave been selected for special olympic 2019 had the opportunity to participet in the selection training camp withe two coaches rebakka and prabhakaran. They will he selected for 2nd camp.


Our children participated in State level sports training at Trichy. Both of our students Ramya & Tamilarasi who has been selected for International Special Olimpics 2019 in athlete event, has attended with our staff Ms. Priyanka. They learned warm up practice for before stressing their muscles like Eye contact activity, Cone (Zig zag) game, Ball passing game.



Our children participated in drawing competition on 17th march at Spastic special school. Our children Ashiq Imran & Charles took part in drawing  and won 3rd place. They got prizes for the participation.


The affair was the Unified sports meet held in Chennai at Nehru stadium on 17.3.2018, at Nehru Stadium in Chennai. Throw ball & Bocce events were .conduted . Anbalaya compete with 13 schools and won both male & female throw ball match . In bocce event the students hold 6 gold, 7 siver & 4 bronze for individual skills.


Therapist Rajammal  has conducted training to handle Autistic children with special tools. 15 parents attended this training . She explained with MSMI kids given by CPCL . The major areas of  the treatment is for the below difficulties.

·         Attention problem

·         The problem of Making sound

·         No turn taking

·         Less eyecontact

She gave the following activities to follow;

·         Mirror acting

·         Body movement action

·         Pre linguistic skills

·         Blowing

·         Tongue exercise

·         Mouth exercise

·         Attention game

·         Social communication.



  A camp for free of cost distribution of assistive aids and appliances under the CSR initiative of CPCL. was organized on  9th March 2018  Distt. Thiruvallur  at Thangam Maligai,Thiruvottiyur,District Thiruvallur ,Tamilnadu. The Camp was organized by Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation of India (ALIMCO), a CPSU working under the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (Divyangjan), Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India in close association with District Administration Thiruvallur.

Various assistive aids and appliances for different kind of disabilities are distributed in the camp that includes Battery Operated Motorized Tricycles, Joystick operated Wheel chairs, Conventional Tricycles, Wheelchairs, Crutches (Axilla/Elbow), Walking Sticks, Rollators for Orthopedically Impaired persons, Behind The Ear - Hearing Aid machines and Smart canes, Braille Cane, for Visually Impaired beneficiaries, MSIED kit and CP chairs (Cerebral Palsy) for children’s with special needs, Walkers & ADL Kits (for Leprosy Affected Persons) and Prosthesis and Orthosis were distributed in the camp.

A total of 206 pre identified beneficiaries with different kind of disabilities were benefitted by the camp. Anbalaya coordinated the whole programme. The ALIMCO Officials, CPCL personal’s and Govt officials present themselves for the welfare programme.

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