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         On 21st September had parents meeting in Anbalaya Rural Special School at Melnallthur. We began with the prayer song calling upon God to guide and direct our meeting. There were 27 parents participated first time in this academic year. We begun by introducing everyone with their children’s name through small game. Then we started our agenda of the day, firstly Ms.Aishwarya shared about the first aid which was very useful for the parents. Followed by our Therapist Ms.Anna Jasper shared about scheduling at home to concentrate holiday’s home work. We distributed certificates, medals and stiffen for the students done by Mrs. Hepsi. She also shared about our products and to buy the things and support us, children were happy to get the winning prizes. Continued sharing about Niramaya and about MG grant to apply those who were not getting.  Parents shared their expectations and improvement of the children they were happy for their growth being here. At the end Ms.Inigo co-ordinator thanked God and the group for successful meeting.


On 14th Sep 2019, we organised our parent meeting for our Thiruvottiyur centre with prayer song requesting God to make the event successful followed by welcome address by Ms. Rebecca. Special welcome by Mrs. Arokiya Mary principal gave a speech for the chief guest, to the teacher and writer Mrs. Priyasakhi. She gave a clear explanation about the learning disabilities and also its types.

            A brief note on how to identify the special abilities of the students and to make them a great achiever on their own way aided by video clippings and about how parents have to take care of their children in a loving way.

            Brain gym, games and then how to convey messages through finger activity has also been explained. Ms.Vasanthi gave information’s about the 100 Rupees materials that have been made in wheel vocational unit and Mrs.Vijayalakshmi explained the responsibilities of the trainers.

            Vice Principal Mrs.Bencitta gave information’s regarding the extension work at centre and swimming training for the children which will help the students muscle strengthening and future sports events. Finally the programme ended in a great way by the vote of thanks by coordinator Mr. Panchapikasan.


Teacher’s day was celebrated at our centre on 05th Sep 2019 in wonderful way by parents to encourage our teachers and supporting staffs for the development of the children. The programme started with prayer song, students shared their love for teachers by sharing sweets, and flower bouquet. Students Samyuktha and Megashree gave a beautiful poem on teachers. It was very thought proving for the teachers. The event lit to spark with cake cutting and vice principal gave vote of thanks on behalf of teachers.


On NATIONAL SPORTS DAY, 29TH august 2019, 13th special children sports meet - 2019 was held at perambur railway stadium. It was such refreshing and energetic programme. Students and staffs from Anbalaya and Anbalaya Rural special school participated in 100m & 50m running assisted walking events. Students have given their best on the event. Every student participated in events and each got a medal and gift bag on appreciation. Afternoon food was provided and gifts were also given to staffs supporting the event. The day went well with the winning spirit of the students.


Early morning of 25th August in the shore of Elliot’s beach, Besant Nagar cleared by thousands of fresh breaths with good willing hearts who came to support a good cause. Yes, a marathon held by VELICHAM FOUNDATION, “VELICHAM SOCIAL MARATHON-19” with selfless support of volunteers.

Conducted to support the education of the poor hearing impaired students. 5 students and 9 staffs from Anbalaya special school participated to add boost to the event. The event got geared up of our participants winning medals and certificates. It is not up to winning but the will to participate matters. Such a mighty run was done by our team there.


On 24th August our WHEEL vocational unit, 9 trainees, 6 staffs went for the educational trip to Vivekananda Memorial and Marina beach.  They saw all the monuments in the memorial and went seashore opposite to it. All the trainees are enjoyed very well in the beach.  They spent their time with the pleasant wind at the beach.  They back to centre in the evening.


On 15th of August Ooruni foundation has arranged FREEDOM CARNIVAL for the differently abled children in Jain Engineering College. There were many schools participated. Among all our Anbalaya Rural special children 15 and 4 staffs took part in those events. There were fun activities like Roll on, Match the striker, cat walk, swap the can, Ring the cone, feed the clown, lucky, hand football, play your mind right, Fishing, shooting balloons etc. By Playing all the events children were cherishing, had much fun and laughter on that day, it was an unforgettable day for each of us.


The much awaited INTER DISTRICT SPORTS MEET 2019 was held on Saturday 10th of August with great zeal, excitement and frolicsome atmosphere. About 9 schools and more than 400 participants took part in the event. The students entered the ground with the spirit to achieve and they made it in a great way.  The teachers played vital role to train their student in sports events, games, drill, pyramid etc., the event started with the systematic march past.  It is a good great hearts of supporting volunteers, chief guests and training of staffs that made the event a great success. Gold medals are not really made of gold, they are made of sweat, determination and hard work to form alloy called guts, and everyone made it with spirited flame to achieve the final goal. Every student there proved the point that physical disability is not a great deal when you have the determination to achieve something. The day went well with mighty grace of God.


On 27.7.2019 Anbalaya Rural Special School and Anbalaya Special School arranged for one day trip to Mahabalipuram, Vandalur zoo and beach. There were 40 students 6 parents and 7 staffs visited the places.  We started our day by visiting Vandalur zoo. Children spent time to saw different kind of birds and animals with the support of their parent and staffs and went fish Aquarium also. Then they gone to Mahabalipuram there sightseeing places like, group of monuments, Arjuna’s Penance, Panch Rathas, Shore Temple and Mahishamardini Mandapam.  All were happy by visiting and taking photos. Finally children gone to Kovalam beach, by looking at the wave’s all enjoyed, it was an unforgettable day for all the children and parents.


On 14.07.2019 Anbalaya Rural Special School conducted hostel student’s parents meeting at 11.00 am. There were 12 parents and 4 staffs along with 14 students participate. In the meeting we shared about holiday’s home work, rules and regulations, vocational products, Government schemes for the special children, group finance for the parents, responsibilities of the parents, parental care, Sports Meet - 2019 and about picnic. All the parents were happy for the meeting and improvement of their children’s growth.

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